Artisanal Organic Farm Cheese Cake Towers

Pre-Order and Collect

From the market

If you would like to pre-order your cheese, we can arrange this via our unique LIVE ordering system. Send us a text message and we will add you to our whatsapp ordering contacts list. Working directly with you via whatsapp we will cut, weigh and price your order - providing you with a personalized service. Once your order is complete we will then require payment either via EFT or Zapper. Your package will then be labelled with your details and refrigerated - ready for you to collect at any one of the regular markets we attend for your convenience.

Please note - Your cheese will be cut LIVE from full heads and so a guaranteed exact weight prior to cutting cannot be confirmed. It is for this reason that we prefer to communicate with you LIVE. We cut your cheese as close as possible to your exact requrements - give or take.

Order By Post

Nation Wide

Our postal orders work much the same way as our local pre-ordering and collection system above. We work directly with you and cut your chosen cheese selection as per your requirements via whatsapp, LIVE (in real time). Whatsapp allows us to communicate fast and effeciently with you, share photographs, answer questions etc in order to provide you with first class customer care.

Our unique LIVE ordering concept ensures you the freshest artisan cheese available as we cut your cheese there and then! Once we've finalised your order we carefully wrap and pack your cheese into a polystyrene box along with an ice-pack for the journey. Full payment via EFT or Zapper is required prior to your order being sent.

No Whatsapp?

No Problem

Our LIVE whatsapp ordering system is the most favoured option amongst our regular customers as it is fast and flowing. If you don't have whatsapp, not a problem. Give us a call and we can arrange to organise your order either via sms, email or over the phone.

Pay Via Zapper

Safe & Secure

From chicken liver pate to smoked mackeral or vegetarian pate's ... simply delish!

Marinated Olives

Glossy goodness

We marinate our olives with fresh garden herbs and quality olive oil using our very own secret recipes.

Raw Honey

Save our bees!

Our raw honey can be presented in its natural wax comb or as filtered honey - mouth wateringly divine.

Dried fruit & nuts

Pops of flavour

Dried fruits and nuts not only add texture but pair beautifully with all of our artisan cheeses.

Fruit pastes & jams

Perfect pairing

Seasonal or exotic - fruit pastes, chutneys, preserves or compotes are a must have with any cheese!

Cured meat

Something salty

Whether it be paper thin slivers of parma ham or rustic chunks of traditional biltong? Nom. Nom. Nom.

Raw farm butter

Unadulterated and Pure

Our raw farm butter is without a doubt the creamiest and tastiest butter you will every indulge in!

Artisan bread

Man needs bread!

Awesomely fresh - our artisan breads pair fantastically with our cheese - perfect munchie material :)

Tomato salsa

Fresh and zingy

They go together like peas and carrots - our tomato salsa adds a refreshing note to accompany our cheese.

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